Dear friends of La Fraternita di Solisti chamber orchestra,
some of you might have noticed the cancellation of the upcoming concert…

It is my sad duty to inform that this orchestra, due to financial difficulties, has had to close.

I wanted to take this opportunity however, to thank all of those people who have supported us, especially during our great year last year. I want to make special mention of those who worked so hard: Heather Cox, our web designer, Gina Kembrey, our treasurer, Jim Lawrenson, our president, and his wonderful wife Rose, our past committee members: Ben Bates, Jason Yong, Anita Collingwood, Elonie Cseszko, Geoff Walton, Ley Caldwell, Fred Shade, Loretta Meagher, Lucas de Jong and .... who can forget to thank our players, that fraternity of soloists, for all of those wonderful notes you've shared with us all. You've been a blessing.... and on behalf of La Fraternita di Solisti chamber orchestra, I want to thank you, to our listeners, for you keep music alive!

God bless you,
Love, as always

Gyula Cseszkó

M.Mus (Melb.) Grad.Dip.Ed
Chief Conductor, Artistic Director,
La Fraternita di Solisti